About us

Efstathios Avramidis studied Digital Film Production at the SAE Institut Berlin. In his career he has produced many music videos and short films and worked as Director, Author, Actor, D.O.P. and Camera Operator. He has won the Best Lyrics Award at the Great Message International Festival 2019 with his music video "Where are we?", the Best Music Video Director Award in KIMFF and the Best Comedy Music Video Award & Best Costumes Award at Best Film Awards for "Rosa" (2020-21). Many of his projects were officially selected at Festivals all arounf the world.

He operates his music projekt "ETEPNA TEPPA" with Armin Scholz (Sound Engineer, Music Producer snd Keyboarder) with great passion. Together they have released their grecophone debut album "Entos ton Tichon" in 2016 and currently work at numerous projects among which a German-speaking music album.

E. Avramidis is the founder and owner of the film production company URBANE KONSPIRATION PRODUCTIONS.